Welcome to my very first blog and my very first blog post. This is a new beginning for me as I set out on my journey to live fully and freely in the essence of my innermost and most authentic self. It was more than a year ago that I was called to share my realizations, thoughts and scribblings….I love to write, inspire and love but fear has been my folly and this blog is my facing that fear in the face and saying NO! I choose to Share, Inspire, Write, Shine and Love and the fears cast in me by people and events designed to hide my light will have to sit in the back seat with the rest of my ego because starting today my Innermost is driving this flesh.

Tomorrow I will begin posting articles and pieces that I’ve written and as I build my knowledge of exactly how this blogging thing works. As things progress I plan to construct bridges of peace, compassion, unity and love– a vision that I share with so many others ; A Crystalline Vision of Unconditional Love and Unity. One step at a time.

I realize that often what I wish to convey is multifaceted, so, at times you will find that I post segments under the same title (Part1,2,3) I believe we are all quite busy and that learning, growing and awakening are overwhelming so I have a goal to honor your time as you give me the honor of your attention.

See you tomorrow with Part One of ,            “Just Love” ,  an entry I wrote when I discovered that I was so caught in cognitive dissonance and self preservation that I was acting and living outside of who I truly am and contrary to my intentions.

Change Your Luck

Have you heard the old saying, “find a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck”?


Maybe you heard it goes, “find a penny on heads up and all day long you’ll have good luck”?

People believe slightly different things according to what they were taught by their parents, society or the culture they grew up in. These beliefs are usually either projections of the perspectives of someone else or were created by us for us and based on our personal decision on how to view something.

What we believe can create for us a life filled with joy, love and luck —an adventurous life that has treasures around every corner —magical and marvelous!

What we believe can also create a world where we think we just aren’t very lucky , that magic is for children and that life ….is just too hard .

We decide how lucky we are when we decide what we believe is lucky.

I personally decided to stop believing a penny had to be heads up in order for it to be a lucky find. I also decided that the rocks I find on a hike, bird feathers, sea shells and things like a smile, a friendly card and a hello are treasures that I am lucky (blessed) to have . I decided that every time I see a reoccurring number it means I’m blessed and watched by angels etc…or that it’s time to make a wish!

Whether or not something actually means I will be more fortunate isn’t of importance to me ….. I AM LUCKY already ! I decided to bring this joy into my reality.

A tiny Wonder is a Wonder and a miracle is a miracle …. I’m not measuring them, I’m enjoying them!

From what I can tell— there are TWO things that people who believe finding any penny and picking it up is lucky have that those who believe finding only a penny on heads up do not have …

  1. More occurrences of being lucky and the joy that believing you are lucky brings .
  2. Way more pennies.

And those who believe have way more fun than those who don’t.

The more things you decide to count as lucky—as blessings…. the more blessed you will be.

Change your mind and change your luck!

~Crystal Lynn Rossi

Truth Seeker

Unless I’m mindlessly caught in the carnal (which happens)- I rarely only see things at surface level.

Those who are not deeply introspective, those who see with minds eyes …. would say I overthink.

Those who see with the hearts EYE say, ahhhhhh….. you are one who sees over the thinking!

I strive to be as God created me and cannot apologize for being unable to unsee and un-know in order to make all comfortable. My seeing layers beyond the surface does not mean that I am unable to understand the surface, it does not mean I misunderstand you from your perspective. My perspective is not a judgement or condemnation of you in any way. Sometimes, I just see the layer beneath the surface that reveals the source of what is manifesting and sometimes that means I see that others have no idea how precious, beloved, beautiful and divine they are beneath the masks life has assigned their flesh.

I too have masks that I’m still unaware of, events and beliefs that manifest as my identity that do not serve my highest purpose or good. I am grateful for each opportunity to discover the false in myself , grateful for the people who bring the mirror as I unfold.


Crystal Lynn

Crystalline Perspectives

Love, the only Justice

There have been times where I witnessed the arrival of karma …

saw the reaping of what someone sewed into my experiences.

Karma is such an exaggerated and metaphorical force that I can’t say I’ve ever felt any joy or sense of justice when someone met it. It arrives obvious but the hardened heart keeps one oblivious to what it’s teaching!

What I’ve witnessed has led me to focus more on when karma is with me and to pray that others who have done me harm will experience remorse long before they reap what they have sewn.

Eye for an eye no longer says my brother, my Lord, my best friend, my advocate-Jesus.

Image found on Pinterest, not my original art / unknown contact me if you know artist so I can include

I Am in Love and Love is in me and God is Love and I pray for people the justice that comes with abiding in and becoming One with Love. Vengeance only reaps despair and despair brings a new wound and the wound brings about more wounding.

LORD, grant us all grace, pardon, peace and love ,Amen.🙏🏻

Light Watchers

Dear Light-workers, Torch Bearers, Awakened Ones,

Peace Bringers, Change Shifters and Healers,

It’s all been in preparation,

our liberation,


a time of education..

it happened for a reason,

Did you not at some point choose the light that chose you?

There were those who were before you ,

who met you where you were and guided you to where you are.

Light Watching

Remember—Back when you were a watcher of the light….

How The law of polarity manifested itself in the events of your life experiences?

How duality stripped itself bare and revealed to you that :

Love _________Hate





Are all equal yet opposite ends of the same spectrums?

Had it not been for your witnessing or experiencing the hatred, war, pain, imprisonment or darkness you would have never sought the light, freedom, joy, peace and love you have embraced and become.

As above so below, as within so without…even the lowest of vibration is just willfully violating the innermost knowledge that all is love in a violent act of pressing our minds inward -toward the spirit of light and love within.

It’s all been in preparation…how you were seeking, longing, searching, studying or praying to find the truth, way and light. How for so long you were the weirdo, the outcast, the rebel, the loner or the rejected and yet somehow (when you finally accepted and identified with your own inner uniqueness) the universe, Source, God, Creator(whatever you call it) then brought you to hundreds, even thousands of different yet likeminded and passionate individuals. Funny, how once we finally just commit to being odd, we are given mirrors to gift us with what we had been longing for all along.

How, in one another we have found the acceptance, validation, community, love, respect and support… the bliss of unconditional love that we had been yearning for.

Yet, it’s all been in preparation.

Preparation For what?

To become the light, the example, the healer, the advocate, the guide.

Each of us has our own , more specific answer though the purpose of all individual answers-are in alignment to the highest good of the collective.

For some of us- it is to support other light workers while they hold space and light among various perspectives and timelines. To guide the guides.

For others- it is to model and manifest the healed and delivered lifestyle amongst community members, family, and co-workers.

While some are called to heal themselves publicly-manifesting in front of others the messy and very non- linear manifestation of healing. These are called to a very raw and vulnerable task and we are called to respect one another’s calling .

As “the watchers” see US supporting, validating and loving those modeling the ups and downs of personal healing- they will gain the courage to take on their very own personal healing.

Some of us -who lived in war and chaos- and are now free, will be sent to others living in war. These warriors have the sympathy, empathy, experience and compassion to meet the suffering where they are and bring them the instruction to find peace within themself and create a life a freedom for themselves.

Some of us have experienced great victory over pain and illness and will be meeting those who are still sick and suffering with healing and joy!

There are many lights so bright and secure that they will work in darkness. With those mentally attached to it holding space and compassion while keeping the light bright and clear-

as an offering to all.

Many were being prepared to set captives free by experiencing years of their own imprisonment. In order to teach others how to heal themselves it is of utmost importance to retain memory of what is happening in the mind of others. Eastern medicine teaches us that one of the first steps in healing any kind of psychological, energetic, spiritual or physical wound is in validation (being heard and having our experience recognized as real) and in receiving compassion. We cannot teach people to trust their intuition, their souls etc…. by invalidation. Many Teachers and healers will be holding space for and speaking to (those who are on their journey to becoming the light they are)from where they are.

All of us –

Light Workers

Torch Bearers

Light Warriors

Peace Makers /Bringers



Missionaries etc….

have been experiencing preparation.

We have been so blessed and gifted with the love,light and support of one another on this journey…. so that as we courageously step forward into our own roles we truly that we are not alone!

If the whole world (or should I say),

WHEN the whole world has chosen and is manifesting

Light ,Love ,Peace,Freedom and JOY,

When ALL are healed, whole and united…. There will no longer be the need of the light “worker” ,Peace “bringers”,

“Healers”, “coaches” and “teachers”.

This world of wholeness, light and unity is the GOAL.

This common GOAL is what we have been preparing to work towards.

We’ve been preparing and they have been watching. They are watching to see if it’s safe to step into the light.

It is now time to ask ourselves ….


Are we loving one another? What are we showing them is available in this light we say we work for?

Are we removing all the watchers, all those behind us in order to only receive our own validation and bask in the light of one another?

Are we the sharing the light or are we using the light to get light shone back at us?

Have we graduated from needing validated and started validating, or do we invalidate and speak light language like a foreign tongue at those still lost and seeking light?

Are we being the love, light and assistance we once needed or received from our mentors?

Do we even acknowledge our own purpose and power when we forget that they are there…. watching?

They ARE watching and each of us have our own roles that we have been preparing for. It is of utmost importance that we model respect for one another as we step into what ever role we have been prepared for.

There is no need for a worker of light in a world void of darkness… No need for a healer to heal the whole, yet there are thousands of healers, coaches and teachers amongst us. We are WORKING.

We have been prepared or are preparing to work toward the common goal.

It’s all been in preparation …..

we have been prepared to do light work …

Not just for ourselves and one another….

But to hold the light for the “Light Watchers”

So they too can become the change they so long to see in the world.

With Great Love To All


Crystal Lynn Rossi



Cosmic Conspiracy (poetry)

My soul and your soul,

Used to sit on the edge of a black hole,

Fishing with our rays of light,

Shining amongst the stars at night,

Conspiring of how we could be,

Manifested into reality,

Where we could feel and taste and see,

Roam about, be wild and free…

My Soul and your Soul,

Dove deep into the black hole,

Spiraled into form and shape,

And here we are, our great escape!

Dazzling in the Milky Way,

Imagining time, night and day,

Twinkle, Sparkle, cosmic stars …

Forgetting who we really are.

~Crystal Lynn Rossi


Non-Religion ?

It appears that Non-Religion may become the newest religion. While truly desiring to remove the mindset of separation – devotees are unwittingly dividing those who are awake from those who are asleep based on which religious or non-religious path another chooses. Placing those with a proclaimed religion below themself in spiritual intellect. Instead of condemning others to hell we condemn them to non-ascension. Instead of calling others sinners we shame them by calling them , their emotional reactions or behaviors low vibrational. Unfortunately while most religious churches welcome the sinner, many of the high vibrating non religious do not welcome those of lower vibration.

As I observe, I’m seeing that this is all familiar, realizing that this looks like the same disease people wanted free from in religion- the same cognitive dissonance … disguised….Calling itself “Non-Religion”, “Unnamed”, “Unlabeled”, calling itself “Spirituality”, when in fact it’s just religion wearing a mask.

You see, we all know that Spirituality IS the key practice for every true Follower of any religious paths growth and development. Spirituality is an activity of the spiritual person that is used to gain enlightenment of oneself and/or higher consciousness and/or God. Spirituality doesn’t insist on religion or non-religion. Spirituality can be practiced by anyone, anywhere…. an individual can be spiritual and prefer one or another religion or they may like pieces of them all . In fact a person can be highly spiritual and not like any religion. One thing common in all devoted to a spiritual practice is that it seems every truly spiritual person comes to the same spiritual realization; this is that one person or path is not above the other and than one doesn’t have the right to judge the spiritual state or fate of others.

This non-religion is better than religion is a love and light destroying disease that focuses on differences and breeds division and supports ostracizing others while we actually long for unity.

This is of the ego (man made and not soul made).

This same seed grew the legalism that gave birth to the fear, hatred, division and war that we all wished to end by ever becoming spiritual and not religious in the first place.

This mindset is NOT of Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

This mindset is just ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL ….

the WALL of ILLUSION that separates us from one another,

separates us from Source,

separates us from God ,

that separates us from Love.

It’s not too late to stop the disease from ruining yet another human attempt at reaching the Divine.

Let’s tear down the walls! Let’s build a stairway instead. ❤️

Crystal Lynn Rossi

When all else fades away as the sands of shore melt into the waves of the sea,

there you will find me,

there you will realize I’ve been all along;

washing in and out,

being pushed and pulled by the undercurrents of your constant thinking,

at times so close you could dig your toes in,

other times swirling in the depths- amongst the other long forgotten treasures of your human hearts- but always there,

just waiting for you to take your eyes off the horizons of desire and build your castles out of my ever present love.

Crystal Lynn Rossi

Photograph via Pinterest , unknown artist


Alas! I found my twin flame,

Shining brightly from within,

Everlasting flowing fountains,

Living Waters , I will never thirst again!

I found my eternal red string- tied to my own heart,

My beloved placed HIS spirit where we shall never part.

Holy Spirit vision, now mine EYE doth see,

All souls are mated to the ONE -that lives inside of “WE”.

Artist:Dolores DeVelde

Crystal Lynn Rossi

Crystalline Perspectives